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We design, engineer, prototype & test early-stage medical devices.

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Design, Prototypes & Testing

We guide early stage medical devices through concept, design, prototyping & testing processes to bring devices to market more efficiently.

Our group focuses on guiding early stage medical devices toward commercialization by supporting and accelerating the following critical phases of medical device R&D and sales cycle.

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Discovery & Feasibility

Reduce feasibility risks and shows that the technology solves a clinical need.

Design & Engineering

We guide early-stage devices through design, engineering, & manufacturing.

Prototypes & Testing

Prototypes & testing to reduce technological risk.

Innovations start with great design & engineering.
OUr Expertise

We create prototypes & product demos for testing features & performance.

Reduce Risk

• Prototypes & Testing = less technology risk
• Business Dev = less market risk
• Partnerships = less operational risk


Prepare for Advanced Development, Manufacturing & Funding.


Discover the Concept-To-Clinic process.

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Value Engineering

Optimize Path To Market

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