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Discover how we help early stage medical device innovators anticipate obstacles & speed up their time-to-market.

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The Innovation Gap
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Accelerate your time to market with our process
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Optimize your path to market. We help early-stage technologies anticipate and avoid obstacles.

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Design & Engineering

Bring your concept to life. We guide medical device: discovery, feasibility, design, build, prototype, test & iterate.

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Business Development

Develop a strategic plan to effectively advance your path to towards commercialization.

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On-Demand Talent

Leverage an on-demand network of medical device engineers.

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Engineering & Prototypes

World Class Medical Device Engineering

Discovery, Needs & Inputs

Design & Prototyping

Testing & Iterations

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Business Development

Business Development

Leverage our network and expertise to optimize resources to ensure the success of your project. Help develop strategic partnerships, investors, and customers.

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Medical Device Expert
Hiring & Staffing

On-Demand Talent Network

Medical Device Innovation Opportunities

Distributive Innovators

Search by Marker & Technical expertise

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Discover the Concept-To-Clinic process.

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